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Caring forward the legacy, vision and ideology of BHM group, BHM AgriZentic Pvt Ltd. Now is a tumult into wide expanding , extra – powred and high flown wing of the same BMH group. That is a well reputed, well known and well adored company in agriculture area for its work of excellence throughout.BHM is recognized for its revolutionary product range developed through intensive researches and experimentations conducted in its own strategically located facilities in different parts of the country.Also we are glad that our innovative technology and manufacturing processes have approached so advanced stages that the productivity of yields has  drastically increased using the must effective and qualitatively enriched BHM’S agro chemicals as a result happiness and property are being brought to millions of farmers lives and business associates in and out of the borders as well.The company BHM Agri Genetics Pvt. Ltd. Holds a very significant market position in the field of agriculture and leads in variety of the segments like insecticides , Herbicides, PGR, Fertilizers, Seeds and most importantly 360° business establishment solutions and agri services to all those in need.

Our Vision

We, at BHM, are continuously focusing upon our vision to become an inevitable identity in providing crop protecting and growth solution as to increase the yields and improve the quality of outputs while supplying the most efficient and effective agri products to users in any part of the world.

Our Mision

BHM has the clear mission- that is the Innovation for betterment of the whole of agriculture. We at BHM aim to develop such crop techniques which finally bring prosperity to farmers, connected businesses, societies and most importantly food safety to marking, breathe to environment and relaxation to mother Earth.


Our Management

Message From:

Founder & CMD of BHM AgriZentic Pvt Ltd. Mr. Nafis Khatri

BHM Agrizentic Pvt Ltd. has been funneled keeping four things in mind :
1. Innovation
2. Research and Development
3. Independence
4. Success

For the purpose of innovation, we at BHM have been continuously researching and
inventing such products and methods for farming which can change lives of connected peoplein terms of growth profits, health and prosperity.

In the present India, as the idea of development is the top Priority, BHM already thought of it and implemented in form of expanding the business without knowing bounds. We are aggressively developing for the development of BHM family the business chain and for the development of the nation.

The circumstances around the world have called for an urgent need for the county to become independent coincidently; it was the core idea of BHM to make in India and to emerge as the fully independent Enterprise. Today we are making in India on our own. We are making all our endeavors to independently produce the most efficient and effective crop solutions export needy to the world.

PREETI SHUKLA – Executive Director

Ms. Preeti Joined BHM in 2021 as an Executive Director and serves companies operations relating Sales, Marketing, Branding, Business planning and development.

In her 12 years working career, she served several reputed organizations. She headed Brand, Marketing, Promotion and Global Communication. She’s led variety of events, people and departments simultaneously and effectively. With her highly influencing team leading capabilities, she has played very significant role in development and growth of her served organizations.

She earned her Master’s degree in Business Management and Post-Graduation in Mathematics with top ranks and accreditation. She believes and practices in setting highest business goals as dreaming boundlessly and doing her all endeavors to meet them and actualize the same.


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Alongside are the places where BHM enjoys a strong presence in India today.


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Alongside are the places where BHM enjoys a strong presence in India today. .