BHM Agri Genetics

Fungicide products

BH-Sulpha 80

BH-Sulpha 80 is water dispersible granules containing 80% Sulphur as active ingredient and balance adjuvants 20% W/W.
Target crops : Grapes, Peas, Apple, Mango Etc.
Target pests : Mildew, Scab, Mites.


Boxer is a systematic and contact fungicide with strong and curative action. BOXER is a combination product of Carbendazim, a benzimidazole and Mancozeb, dithiocarbamate group of fungicides.
Applied on : For Blast of Paddy crop.


Security- Security-Tebuconazole 25.9% EC is a systemic fungicide containing 25.9% m.m. Tebuconazole as active ingredient balance auxillaries and inert material. Tebuconazole 25.9% EC is used as foliar spray for the control of powdery mildew and fruit root of chilli, tikka and rust of groundnut, blast and shealth blight of rice.


Verana is a highly systemic fungicide effective against diseases caused by Pythium, Phytophthora and other downy mildew fungi. It is a specialty fungicide for controlling Downy mildew of Grapes, Late blight of Potato, Pythium damping off in tobacco and white rust in mustard.


Hilia is a unique combination of contact & systemic mode of action. It is a combination fungicide based on Hexaconazole 5% and Captan 70% as active ingredients in WP formulation. It has good protective, curative, eradicant and anti sporulant mode of action. It is a broad spectrum fungicide highly useful for management of Powdery mildew, anthracnose, late blight, early blight, downy mildew & grey mildew diseases on fruits & vegetables and various other crops. This fungicide is well suited for soil and seed borne disease too.
Dose : 200-400 gms/acre


Anna is an antibiotic fungicide which controls Sheath blight disease of Rice very effectively. It acts on hyphae and destroys the fungus by its contact action and controls the spread of diseases.It is most effective against soil borne diseases and used for the control of online homework Rhizoctonia Solani in rice, potato, vegetables and other crops and also damping off disease of many crops. It remains effective for a long time even after rain.


Belgin is a broad spectrum fungicide used to control a range of fungal diseases. The product has strong protective and curative properties, providing flexibility and a broad window for application.


Hoku is a water dispersible granules and an effective fungicide with protective, creative and eradicative action. It controls powdery mildew, fruit rot diseases of chili and leaf spot, pod blight disease of Soybean.

Evender 25

Evender 25 is broad-spectrum highly systemic fungicide used for controlling deadly diseases like Paddy sheath blight, Wheat rusts and Tikka leaf spot of Ground nut. For detailed recommendations, refer the recommendation table.


Glen is a Systemic & Contact Fungicide used to control diseases like Powdery mildew, rust, and leaf spot disease
Major Crops: Grapes, Paddy
Dose/Acre: 300-600 gm


BH-Hexa is used for formulation of Hexaconazole, which is used for the control of sheath blight of rice and powdery mildew of mango.
Dosage: 200 to 250 ml/Acer